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Customs & Storage Facilities

The customs & storage facilities of Sudomech Supply Ltd is located at Terminal No. 1 of sea port of Saint-Petersburg within Baltiyskaya customs zone. The total complex with a covered discharge ramp occupies some privately owned permanent buildings and involves following storage facilities:

  • A permanent customs controlled area totaling 952.5 sq.m which adjoins the storage facilities and consists of two out-door storage platforms (75 sq.m of the ground floor and 780 sq.m of the first floor) and 97.5 sq.m of covered premises; Customs warehouse (Certificates No. 10216/008 dated 20.03.2015 and No. 10216/009 dated 20.03.2015 ) consisting of premises totaling 2706.8 sq.m and a neighboured open-air platform (96.0 sq.m) for outsized cargo;

  • Oil storage tank totaling 700 m³ including customs warehouse (500 m³);

  • Certified warehouse for dangerous goods, the relevant Licenses are available.

  • Consignment warehouse for goods in free circulation which were cleared through customs.

All storage facilities are under continues security monitoring and equipped by modern intruder alarm and video watching devices. The fire safety in storage facilities is provided with fire-resistant structures as well as automatic fire alarm and sprinkler fire-fighting system.

The storage facilities are accepted for storage of the goods which are not under import/export prohibition in the Russian Federation and which are not restricted by the List of Goods Unliable to Customs Procedures in a Customs Warehouse, as well as goods restricted by Customs Code of the Customs Union or by legislation of the Russian Federation.

The customs procedure in a customs warehouse means storing of goods under customs supervision without paying customs duties and taxes (including VAT). Due to this fact we have an opportunity to deliver these goods Tax Free to both foreign or domestic vessels in any ports of the European part of Russia. To deliver products to consumers in the Russian Federation we offer the clients our customs support and customs clearance.

The shipped cargo can be delivered to the terminal by either client’s vehicle or by specialized trucks of Sudomech Supply Ltd on a security of bonder transit terminal and cleared through Baltiyskaya customs. Also it is possible to deliver cargo from land boundaries to the terminal, performing customs clearance in Saint-Petersburg’s customs and using motor transport of the terminal or vehicles of third-party firms.

It is a client’s choice to clear cargo themselves or by our customs support.

If there is no necessity to accept imported goods in the warehouse, we can clear the cargo without putting it in storage, or provide customs support to speed up the customs clearance procedure.